Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prettiest Brown Trout in Driftless Area Wisconsin

We finally got in our first trip to the driftless area this week and might add we did very well. We tried a new stream this time which we found to be loaded with brown trout and fished it for a full 6 hour stretch. The thing I noticed on this stream was that these were some of the most beautiful brown I have ever seen in the driftless. As well as being very bright in color, one of the characteristics that made a great number of them stand out was the bright "blood red" accents that ran the entire length of the top and bottom of the tail fin. I have never seen this so much in the Wisconsin browns? Is this a specific strain quality, or most likely a stream specific trait? Sorry didn't get any pictures to post.

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  1. hopefully you will get out there again to take some pics!