Friday, March 25, 2011

Chicken Sized Nymphs For Spring Creeks ?

I have found in the last few years that the conventional wisdom of  the "smaller is better" theory for crystal clear spring creeks doesn't always pan out. I'm fact more times than not I tend to up size my nymphs when the going gets tough. If I'm not trying to match a specific hatch, I quite often go to a larger nymph to trigger some vicious strikes. Look under any rock and you will most always see some larger nymphs clinging to the rocks. I will often step up to a size #12 bead head pheasant tail (yes that's right...chicken size!). The fish in these smaller creeks often cant resist the meat!! Next time the going gets tough give it a try!!

                       Chicken Size?   yes!!!!

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  1. Nice fly buddy! I often find myself tying bigger nymphs. Great blog. You got a new follower